Samsung Unveils its Expanded Vision of Connected Living at CES 2019

Justin Jaffe  CNET

Justin Jaffe CNET

Last year's Samsung Galaxy S9 didn't meet sales expectations, despite being an excellent phone. We could also see the foldable Galaxy Flex, Galaxy Home mini and Galaxy Sport smartwatch unveiled at the same time.

Since unifying the SmartThings app and introducing the SmartThings Cloud, the SmartThings ecosystem has grown significantly. With the company's smartphone and memory chip businesses struggling as of late, the foldable phone, together with some new 5G devices, might be the boost Samsung needs to weather the storm. "More impressively, their QLED TV lineup took a giant step forward with the announcement of the 98" QLED 8K TV. If it can offer a more impressive device than the iPhone XR for around the same price, it could make 2019 even harder for Apple.

Samsung has always been one of Apple's biggest rivals in the smartphone industry, with its Galaxy devices posing the most significant threat to the iPhone.

"Family Hub helps foster true family connection, food management, and a connected home experience in today's fast-paced modern world", said Samsung in a statement.

With CES 2019 nearly done, the next major tech event will take place next month in Barcelona, Spain. The new Communal Screen serves each family member in a highly personal way with a home screen that has been redesigned to maximize aesthetics, functionality, and connectivity.

The tech giant also claims that the Digital Cockpit will provide a safer driving experience thanks to their "mirror replacement vision system" and "camera-based safety solutions" which Samsung credits to its Cellular-V2X technology.

Samsung Space Monitor leverages its sleek design and functionality to allow users to focus on what's on the screen and not what's around it. For gamers, Samsung announced the Notebook Odyssey, a powerful laptop utilizing Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 2080. The Digital Cockpit 2019 offers an enhanced connected vehicle experience focused on connectivity, personalization, and safety. Samsung's goal is to make home appliances work for families and for families to work less.

Samsungs connected living innovations will be available this spring.

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