Fox News host Shep Smith wasted no time fact-checking Trump's address

Fox News host Shep Smith wasted no time fact-checking Trump's address

Fox News host Shep Smith wasted no time fact-checking Trump's address

Instead, Mr Trump used the president's most symbolic and powerful perch - traditionally reserved for times of war or calls for national unity - to rattle off familiar statistics, renew complaints about Democratic criticism of his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border and reprise ominous anecdotes of brutal crimes committed by people he said were in the country illegally.

Mr Schumer accused Mr Trump of trying to "govern by temper tantrum".

Democrats and some Republicans warned that this would be seen as a risky escalation of the row and would be challenged in court.

The Fox host also pushed back on Trump's claim that the number of illegal border crossings is on the rise, telling viewers that they have actually been going "steadily down over the past 10 years", and that the government reports "there is more outward traffic than inward traffic".

Smith concluded by noting the president previously declared that he would own the current shutdown. A source close to Trump's orbit argued that the president's frequent use of "illegal alien", a term the previous administration was loath to employ, bore the fingerprints of Trump consigliere Stephen Miller, who oversees speechwriting in the West Wing. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal workers continue to go without pay.

Already there are signs of cracks in the president's support in Congress, however. However, we sharply disagree with the President about the most effective way to do it.

What's the reality at the border?

One possible if temporary solution is individually funding parts of the government that are now without money - action that James Clyburn, a top House Democrat, said would get underway Wednesday in the Democratic-controlled chamber.

As the shutdown stretched to the second-longest on record, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday found that a growing proportion of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown, though Republicans mostly support his refusal to approve a budget without taxpayer dollars for a wall on the US-Mexico border.

Her fellow Republican senators, Susan Collins of ME and Cory Gardner of Colorado, issued similar appeals last week. In regard to threats of terrorism, the State Department recently found "no credible evidence" that terrorist groups had entered the USA through Mexico, undercutting Trump's argument that terrorists are entering the U.S at its southern boundary. And in essence, the answer is, 'We want our wall. They are particularly concerned about the administration's talk of possibly declaring a national emergency at the border, seeing that as an unprecedented claim on the right of Congress to allocate funding except in the most dire circumstances.

But the president would be accused of usurping Congress's constitutional power of the purse, and the move would be bogged down in a quagmire of legal challenges.

McConnell faces increasing pressure from within his party, especially from vulnerable Republicans up for re-election in 2020, as several conservative senators urged action to reopen the government.

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