Samsung Smart TVs in 2019 to Support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Magic mark: Amazon reveals for the first time, how many Alexa-devices are in circulation

Amazon Reveals Alexa Sales Numbers for the First Time: Over 100 Million Devices

Due to their silence on the matter, we don't know how many Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show units have been sold. That's no small feat, but it's also not surprising.

Google announced a major milestone for Google Assistant today.

The assistant which is compatible with 10,000 smart home devices, ranging more than 1,600 brands not only reached a wider audience, but Google also added a number of features to make it smarter. While it started out as being available on your smartphone and on smart speakers, we have seen the Google Assistant pop up on other products as well. It's a small adapter that you plug into your auto and essentially gives you a Google Home for your vehicle. All told, more than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold. For TVs, there's both Sony and LG displays with Android TV and the Assistant built in, set-top boxes from Nvidia and Xiaomi, and even a plan for smart soundbars.

Why put Google Assistant on everything? Whether that is a simple timer for cooking, looking up a recipe, asking for score of the game or the weather, and everything in between. The tech giant said that figure will be up from the 500 million devices the company said the assistant was on last May and 900 million more than Amazon's Alexa. Still, all of this shows how far Google's digital assistant has come in a short time. The device was updated in September with a new design and a louder speaker. That estimate includes both Google products and devices from other brands including smartphones, smart speakers, smart displays, vehicle infotainment screens, and home security cameras. It's also available on TVs, laptops, smartwatches and much more.

Samsung TVs will run commands received from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but the only integrated voice assistant will continue to be Bixby. For example, Google Assistant is built in to nearly every Android device produced outside of China. The company is deploying Amazon's Alexa Everywhere strategy from 2017. Not to be outdone by Amazon, Google reported that they have sold 10X the number of Google Assistant devices since 2016.

But even with that advantage, Google is still clearly on a mission to win hearts and minds at CES and beyond.

Announced at CES on Monday, Google said the increase would represent almost 100% growth since May of past year, when its Assistant was installed on about 500 million gadgets. This year is no different. Plus, Google Assistant can interpret more complex requests, including questions like, "What's the weather like in Austin and NY?"

What's next for Google Assistant? . In 2019, many wouldn't think that feature phones still exist, but they do. "The largest footprint right now is on phones, ' Bronstein said". One instance is text messaging.

Google Assistant has come a long way over the previous year, so the growth is kind of well-deserved.

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