Alleged foldable Xiaomi device appears in short hands-on video

Alleged foldable Xiaomi device appears in short hands-on video

Alleged foldable Xiaomi device appears in short hands-on video

The trend of the foldable smartphone will definitely come in 2019. Many smartphone makers, including Samsung and Oppo, have already revealed their intention of launching such a phone.

Reliable source Evan Blass has shared a video of what is believed to be a three-panel folding phone from Xiaomi. Xiaomi foldable phone can be folded on the left and right sides. Thus folded both side edges of the tablet and remains in use its Central part.

Google has announced native support in Android for foldables and has said to expect several new foldable Android devices, which will have either two screens or one screen. Since everything except for the screen is dark, one can't see the branding of the device. As soon as the screen is folded, the tablet-optimized UI is turned into phone-optimized UI. We are also likely to see more of Qi wireless charging, phones without 3.5mm port, IR assisted face unlock, glass backs on entry-level devices, smaller, teardrop shape notches. There also appears to be some outward bending at the two hinge points. Based on the tweet, Evan has noted that the device is allegedly manufactured by Xiaomi. The Xiaomi foldable phone on the leaked video looks sleek which has slim bezels. What is clear is that the device runs Android and that the language is set to Chinese. In July, ET News claimed Xiaomi was working on an "outfolding" phone which would be released in 2019.

Xiaomi may also be looking forward to joining the league in this season. But as Xiaomi has always tried to stick to an economy price range for its existing handsets, interested buyers can expect to see the company's foldable stunner within the range of United States dollars 1000 to USD 1500.

Previous year there were also reports of Google and Xiaomi working on a mystery device.

The 19-second video shows that foldable phone to be pretty slim, much slimmer than the prototype of the Galaxy X - the foldable phone from Samsung.

Nevertheless, it is too early to say anything.

For now, the clip prompts more questions than it answers. What are your views on this triple fold device?

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