US Citizen Charged in Russian Federation with Espionage


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Last week, Russian Federation detained Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine who received a bad conduct discharge in 2008, in connection with an accusation that he was on a spy mission.

The charges came after the FSB, the Russian security agency, arrested Whelan on December 28 at the famed Metropol Hotel in central Moscow, just steps from the Kremlin.

Paul Whelan, a 48-year-old corporate security director from the Detroit area, was arrested Friday on espionage charges.

Russian news agency Interfax also reported that the U.S. ambassador to Russia met with Whelan and his offered the embassy's assistance.

The State Department official, who commented on condition of anonymity, said the USA expressed "concern about the delay in consular access" for Whelan, adding that there would be no additional comment due to privacy considerations. "His innocence is undoubted and we trust that his rights will be respected", the family said in a statement.

Whelan's arrest coincides with several spy scandals that have exacerbated tensions between Russian Federation and the West, including the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Britain. "I am sure that the Russian security service FSB would claim that he was an American intelligence agent", Cohen added. He was an administrative clerk and administrative chief.

The former United States marine who is being held in Moscow on charges of spying is a British citizen, it has emerged.

US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman met with Whelan at the prison Wednesday and talked to his family, the State Department said.

Until Dec. 28, when Paul Whelan, a retired Marine from Novi, was taken into custody, without the knowledge of embassy officials or notification of his family, "the Russians had no leverage", Browder said.

Paul Whelan, who is thought to be facing 20 years in a Russian prison if convicted, was initially thought to be American, but was revealed to be a dual national on Thursday evening.

David clarified in an MSNBC interview that his brother was part of the wedding party and was asked by the groom to lead tours around Moscow and the Kremlin because he had visited Russian Federation before. "We are asking for bail instead", Zherebenkov told Reuters by telephone.

"Whelan has an abiding interest in Russia, having visited the country several times, and even had a page on the Russian social media Vkontakte".

"He is responsible for overseeing security at our facilities in Auburn Hills, Mich., and at other company locations around the world", company spokeswoman Kathy Graham said in a statement.

Russian Federation has claimed the Butina case is a fabricated witch hunt and has accused the US of taking her hostage for political reasons.

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