Trump, Reacting to Pushback, Slows Syria Troop Withdrawal

The writer is a senior police manager  supervisor and has done his MPA from Columbia University New York

The writer is a senior police manager supervisor and has done his MPA from Columbia University New York

Turkey considers the US-backed Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), which now controls almost 30 percent of Syria, a terrorist group linked to fighting within its own borders.

Blaming the balance of power in Syria on his predecessor, Barack Obama, Trump said the country was "lost long ago" and that he did not want the United States military fighting there forever. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on New Year's Day at the inauguration of Brazil's new president in Brasilia.

Despite this fact, Trump administration officials are casting the new timeline as a slowdown and an example of the President being reasonable after hearing pushback from the Pentagon and allies such as Sen.

"We're slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families, while at the same time fighting Isis [Islamic State] remnants", he tweeted on Monday.

Mr Trump told Lindsey Graham, a leading Republican senator, that he was reconsidering how he would carry out his promise to "bring the troops home", Mr Graham said after a meeting at the White House.

The group vowed to continue until it could "pray in Rome", a reference to Islamic apocalyptic End Times prophecy, with "Rome" alluding to conquering the country that is the leader of the West: the U.S.

Graham told reporters that Trump was committed to making sure Turkey did not clash with the Kurdish YPG forces once US troops leave Syria, and was assuring the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally that it would have a buffer zone in the region to help protect its own interests.

The prime minister told the press ahead of the meeting-held in Brazil's capital after the inauguration of the country's new president, Jair Bolsonaro-the main topics of discussion was to be with the withdrawal of USA troops from Syria and Iranian attempts to establish a military presence in the war-torn country. On Monday, he said he was "slowly" pulling troops out.

Trump announced this month that he was ordering the withdrawal of all roughly 2000 troops from war-torn Syria, with aides expecting it to take place swiftly. "Now when I start getting out the Fake News Media, or some failed Generals who were unable to do the job before I arrived, like to complain about me & my tactics, which are working", Trump wrote on Twitter. Pompeo allayed Netanyahu's concerns about Trump's pullout from Syria, which is a source of concern for Israel, which is anxious about growing Iranian influence in Syria.

"He said "we're killing ISIS" for Assad and Iran" and that Iran "hates ISIS more than we do". "Somebody said four months, but I never said that either", the president added. On Sunday he warned on ABC's "This Week" that a U.S. pullout would likely cause "greater instability" in the region.

"But we want to protect the Kurds, nevertheless, we want to protect the Kurds", he continued.

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