'Stranger Things' Season Three Now Has A July Release Date

Netflix Announces ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Premiere Date (Watch)

'Stranger Things' rings in the New Year with a Season 3 release date

This version, however, is hosted by a Hawkins, Indiana TV channel - 5 WIYZ - and brought to you by Starcourt Mall, where we already know most of Season 3 will be set.

Yup, that's right - it's a new poster for Stranger Things season three, which now has a July 4th release date! Which means a whole lot of Americans are going to skip their annual fireworks and Brit-bashing to marathon the new series. We're not done fighting the monsters from the Upside Down, and the new teaser trailer makes that very clear. The streamer rolled out a special New Years' Eve-themed announcement video detailing that the long-awaited third season of the sci-fi series will be available to stream on July 4.

By watching the aforementioned code, one can make out the following enigmatic message at the 14-second mark: "When blue and yellow meet in the west".

Both the video and poster feature the cryptic tagline for the series: "One summer can change everything".

They also released a new poster, which shows Eleven and Will staring in abject terror at something out of frame that is attached to a frightful pair of legs or tentacles or claws or... something, in addition to a disconcerting number of rats.

Meanwhile, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is looking over at Eleven, the girl he finally smooched at the prom at the end of Season 2. The action in the upcoming third season won't take place during New Year's Eve, or Halloween for that matter.

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