Watch the ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Movie Trailer, Premiere Date Set on Netflix

Bandersnatch Black Mirror's

Entertainment Bandersnatch Black Mirror's"Choose Your Own Story Movie Is Finally On Netflix The rumours are true! @netflix

For days, Black Mirror fans have been speculating on whether Bandersnatch was a real thing.

Viewers clamoring for a fifth season of the British anthology TV series first got wind of the film earlier this month, when a new Black Mirror title popped up on Netflix.

And although it's set to clock in at 90 minutes, that's not all of the footage that has been recorded.

A "bandersnatch" is a ferocious creature with snapping jaws that appears in Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking-Glass" and his 1874 poem "The Hunting of the Snark".

Co-starring Asim Chaudhry, Will Poulter, and Alice Lowe, Bandersnatch arrives on Netflix tomorrow, December 28. It is also a computer science term, meaning the subject of a hard algorithm design project for an apparently NP-complete problem, which may come into play in the episode, given that it centers on programmers.

Will Poulter, who starred in the young adult-adapted sci-fi movie The Maze Runner plays Colin Ritman, as a co-worker of Whitehead's character. If you don't want to watch the trailer, but would still like to see a video, scroll down.

Perhaps most exciting new bit of info is the inclusion of People Just Do Nothing's breakout star Asim Chaudry, known for his now ubiquitous alter-ego Chabuddy G.

David Slade (Hannibal, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, a 2017 episode of Black Mirror) directs the movie.

Where was Black Mirror: Bandersnatch filmed?

It would be in line with trippy atmosphere of the trailer as well as the Bandersnatch subtitle of the movie title. The town is about 10 miles south of the London city center.

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