Here’s What Happened to Instagram and Why People Freaked Out

An alert to Instagram users on Thursday morning

An alert to Instagram users on Thursday morning

When Instagram made a decision to roll out a new update today, people were quick to get in their feelings about the changes.

Allow our own Hemal Jhaveri to demonstrate.

Facebook is relying increasingly on growth at Instagram, which now has about 1 billion users, as its flagship social media network has nearly reached saturation point.

According to the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, the company was attempting to test the feature with a small percentage of users, but the bug caused a much broader rollout.

Given the extremely negative response that the updated received from its users, Instagram may think twice about releasing the update to the public.

Instagram, which has been experimenting with a sideways-scrolling format, meant to roll it out to small test group, but the bug caused it to spread more widely, wrote Instagram chief Adam Mosseri on Twitter. Additionally, he said the feed in the app should be back to normal. However, within a few minutes Instagram put the kibosh on the test and vertical scrolling returned.

The momentary change sparked a widespread outrage among users on Twitter, with several comparing it to Snapchat's unpopular redesign.

A post from the Guardian's account appearing on the new Instagram tap-to-advance timeline.

Instagram first began testing this feature in October, but at the time, it was restricted to the Explore tab. "We apologize for any confusion", a spokesman told TechCrunch.

Instagram has since said the mass-rollout was unintentional, and says the app will revert to the vertical feed if you restart it.

Users awoke to a very different Instagram look on Thursday morning - and they were not happy.

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