Israel operates air defense system against Syrian missile

An Israeli soldier operating a pulley on Dec 19 at an entry point to a tunnel which reportedly connects Lebanon and Israel

Israel operates air defense system against Syrian missile

Israeli war planes have attacked multiple targets near Damascus, firing missiles that injured three Syrian soldiers, Syrian state media reports.

The Observatory reports "an Israeli raid" that it says targeted arms depots southwest and south of Damascus belonging to Hezbollah or Iranian forces.

Israel's military spokesman's unit did not confirm the raids, but said in a statement that 'an aerial defense system was activated against an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria'. The IDF said that there were no injuries or damage sustained and it is unclear whether the missile was intercepted.

But he reiterated Israel's intention to prevent "Iranian military entrenchment, which is directed against us" in Syria.

"We are not prepared to accept the Iranian military entrenchment in Syria, which is directed against us".

It added that the Israeli warplanes fired the missiles from Lebanese airspace.

"To prevent a tragedy, the use of the Syrian air defense and electronic warfare was limited, which allowed air traffic controllers in Damascus to divert the passenger planes from a risky area and send them to the alternate Hmeimim airport", Konashenkov said.

Lebanon's Transport Minister Youssef Fenianos confirmed on Wednesday that airstrikes launched towards southern Damascus overnight threatened the safety of civilian airliners that were flying over Lebanese airspace at the time of the attack.

SANA said "a number of enemy targets were downed" by the air defences. Israel has repeatedly targeted Hezbollah and Iranian sites in Syria that it considers threats to its own security, but rarely admitted to ordering these attacks.

An Israeli airstrike in Syria on Tuesday night targeted several senior members of the Hezbollah terror organization as they boarded a plane to Iran, according to a U.S. Defense Department source citing an Israeli military official, Newsweek reported.

Israel and Hezbollah, who are technically still at war, have avoided any major conflict at the border since 2006, though Israel has mounted attacks in Syria targeting what it said were advanced weapon deliveries to the group.

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