Christmas Day weather warning issued for Sheffield

Some clouds, some wind for Sunday

Light snow is possible in some places on Christmas Eve

This is not the biggest storm we've seen, but it's enough to make those back roads slick and icy through the overnight, so please take it slow and cautiously on your Christmas Eve travels. Today will be a lovely, dry day with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with highs in the lower 30s.

Friday: Showers likely. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 72.

"It's going to be a cloudy day and it will feel quite warm with temperatures of about 8-9C".

While most metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will get zero to very little snow, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Regina are "guaranteed" to get a white Christmas, Scott said. Scott added that travel conditions should be fine as winds are low and temperatures will be around -11 C.

Light and occasionally moderate snow will bring 1 to 3 inches to the central mountains and southern highlands through tonight. The snow showers are expected to be mainly in the afternoon and evening and mostly north of I-96.

In the east of the country is will be drier, but temperatures are set to be colder, with day time highs of between 35F and 41F (2C-5C). Highs in the mid 30's. It looks as through we will be working in some better chances for rain the next couple of days, but it looks like the bulk of the rain holds off until the day after Christmas.

"There will be a cold start to the day with a bit of frost around in the morning".

A weak sea breeze front allows for some pockets of drizzle early Christmas Day, but a strong system moves in after the holidays.

The minimum temperature on the last day of 2018 will reach a new low so far this winter, falling below the 13.5 degrees Celsius mark that was recorded on December 13, the weather agency said in a weekly forecast released on Sunday.

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