California farm suspected in romaine outbreak recalls other produce

Adam Bros. Farming cauliflower, lettuce recalled due to possible E.Coli contamination

E coli investigation leads to recall of US cauliflower, lettuce in Canada

The Canadian recall was triggered by a US recall which came after multiple cases of food poisoning and E. coli contamination from certain lettuce products.

The products were produced by California-based Adam Brothers Farming and distributed to at least six provinces including Newfoundland and Labrador.

The affected products were sold from December 3 through the 14.

So far, almost 60 illnesses from contaminated romaine lettuce have been reported in 15 states, with 23 people being hospitalized.

The FDA announced Thursday that investigators found a positive E. coli sample result in an irrigation reservoir on a farm owned by Adam Bros. Farms in Santa Barbara County tested positive for the bacterial strain, and the owners are co-operating with authorities.

Red Leaf lettuce, also sold in bulk without a brand name ( carton Tag Numbers include 253-27267 331-18, 204-27267 331-18, 203-27267 331-18). Furthermore, Adam Bros. requested that its customers notify the downline chain of custody to ensure a full recall.

The FDA asked producers and distributors of romaine lettuce to begin labeling their products with the harvest location and harvest date.

People who bought the lettuce should not eat it, but return it to the place of purchase for a refund. Lettuce from outside the three California counties that was harvested after November 23 should be safe to eat.

CFIA says that these types of lettuce will not show signs of being spoilt or "bad" but if contaminated can cause some pretty unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, mild to severe abdominal cramps and watery to bloody diarrhea.

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