Google CEO Explains Why Donald Trump Comes Up In Searches For 'Idiot'

Idiot Google Donald Trump googling word idiot

IDIOT GOOGLE Why Googling the word ‘idiot’ brings

Assuming Pichai was completely honest and transparent in his answers, it's those "200 signals" that determine what we see in a given set of search results.

Blame the algorithms, Pichai responded.

Despite turbulent markets in 2018, the results from Google suggest that a good number of searchers are still interested in cryptocurrency.

"I put my name in here, Rep. Steve Cohen".

Pichai's first appearance ever before Congress comes after he angered members of a Senate panel in September by declining their invitation to testify about election manipulation. Its parent, Alphabet Inc., only trails Apple and Amazon as having the largest market capitalization among USA companies. He concluded it was "rigged" against him so "almost all stories and news was bad".

Some Republican legislators argued that Google is not doing enough to reduce bias from its algorithms.

But drawing up regulations governing that area of search results would be more likely to raise First Amendment issues, making them even more hard to impose. He also said that he leads the "company without political bias". If he moved to the left toward his Democratic colleagues on the panel, would Google know? "This should be a real concern to all but the most politically partisan", Smith said.

It was about this time a year ago, when, Google searches for bitcoins had overtaken searches related to Donald Trump and had ranked in two categories globally- both the in general news searches and "how to buy Bitcoin".

"I look forward next year to working with you on some of the very serious questions we face", said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif. "I think tech has to realise it just can't build it, and then fix it", Pichai said.

It served as an invitation for Pichai to delve into the technical realm and he complied.

"Any time you type in a keyword, as Google we have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of (web) pages in our index".

A day after Google revealed a new mishap jeopardized the data of about 52 million users of its soon-to-be-deactivated social networking service, Pichai told lawmakers, "We always think there is more to do". Google departed China in 2010.

The word "idiot" was the most-searched term on Tuesday with more than 1 million searches, according to Google Trends.

"Right now we have no plans to launch in China", he said.

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