Vitamin Water offers up $100k to ditch your smartphone for a year

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The contest portion of the giveaway actually requires making a submission to Vitamin Water over either Twitter or Instagram. But, in return, that person must be willing to forgo having a smartphone for an entire year.

Can you function for a year without your smartphone?

Vitaminwater says they're willing to bet - you can't do it.

The details are kind of vague, but the gist is that the Coca-Cola-owned brand is asking people to tell them on social media what they would do if they weren't tethered to their phone for every waking hour. Posts should include the hashtag #nophoneforaayear and #contest.

Credit: Tom's GuideOn its website, the company has announced the "Scroll Free For A Year Contest".

According to the rules, the potential victor can not use a smartphone or tablet of any kind for 365 days.

This, Vitaminwater noted, "means you may not physically operate, caress, hug or otherwise be physically affectionate with anyone's smartphone". You must get rid of your phone for a year.

So, how will someone be able to survive the year? If you're tempted to cheat, don't do it: Vitaminwater said there will be a lie detector test to make sure you truly unplugged.

Once a potential victor is chosen (on or around January 22, 2019), they will be given a "1996-era cellular telephone that may be used for communication" and the "opportunity to enter into a contract not to use a smartphone for 365 consecutive days".

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