Farm bill passes despite President Trump's food stamp preference

Congress drafts compromise Farm Bill, eliminates SNAP work requirements

Lawmakers unveil farm bill compromise

"We want Kentucky to have a reputation for being the go-to state for industrial hemp", said Quarles, "and that's something that we have been already working diligently on".

The House voted 369-47 for the legislation, which sets federal agricultural and food policy for five years, after the Senate approved it 87-13 on Tuesday.

He continued: "I am constantly correcting that notion".

The Farm Bill, as it is commonly known, provides assistance to farmers and people in poverty.

Thune said that of the legislation he's worked on, those dealing with agriculture, such as this farm bill, are some of the most important. Hemp production is now permitted only for licensed farmers in Minnesota, is under a pilot program for licensed farmers in North Dakota and is prohibited in South Dakota (though there have been some recent efforts to change that). The bill also legalizes industrial hemp as a crop across the country.

"I've worked on a lot of other stuff - tax bills, trade, transportation, highways, railroads, safety issues, things like that", Thune said, "but when it comes to our state's No. 1 industry, you can not underestimate the impact that a prosperous and profitable ag economy has on our state economy".

The House and Senate also clashed over portions of the bill's forestry and conservation sections.

Thune said that of the approximately 20 provisions he worked on that made it into the Senate bill, almost all the ideas behind them came from the suggestions and complaints of South Dakota's farmers and ranchers.

The Farm Bill is the result of months of negotiations by lawmakers.

But the Senate, which finally caved on requiring lawmakers to pay out of pocket for sexual harassment settlements, rejected both of those provisions and neither ended up in the final bill. John Kennedy (R-La.) said in a statement provided to LifeZette. "It gives them the security and certainty they need to plan for the future".

The bill is now on its way to the White House, and Trump is expected to sign it without the theatrics which have marred the past few days in the capital as the government nears the deadline for a partial shutdown.

"Obviously, every farm bill represents kind of a consensus, but this was a very pro-agriculture, pro-farmer farm bill, and that was our goal from the very beginning", Thune told The Daily Republic via phone on Wednesday.

Passage of the bill has been hailed in a largely bipartisan manner as it provides some financial certainty for farmers, a key Trump constituency that has been hurt by the USA trade war with China, a key buyer of US soy beans and other farm produce.

Heitkamp said the final bill mirrors the Senate's version "with a few minor tweaks".

On Tuesday Trump, who had previously accused Democrats of stalling the bill, said the progress on it was bipartisan and that "farmers were well taken care of".

Mostly, the legislation is aimed at helping farmers deal with a multiyear decline in income - as well as maintaining SNAP benefits (food stamps) for 38.6 million low-income Americans.

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