The Outer Worlds RPG unveiled by Obsidian Entertainment

The Outer Worlds


The game looks wonderful, and we get a feel that it is BioShock-esque retro-futuristic RPG or Fallout RPG set in space. The ship flew in the Al, the most distant colony of Earth at the edge of the galaxy, but lost on the way.

As a true single-player RPG, you can build your character into several different playstyles, choose and manage your companions, and drive the story through your decision making, branching dialog, and the actions you take. It seems we're set to enter a world controlled by corporations where people are marginalized and you, the unlikely hero, can make any decision you please.

During The Game Awards 2018 Obsidian finally announced their new IP, The Outer Worlds. While playing The Outer Worlds, the game tracks your experience to find what you aren't particularly good at.

It's called The Outer Worlds, it'll be out next year, and it's basically New Vegas in space.

While the release date is not exact yet, it will be coming out in 2019. Note that we'll be updating this article as more information on The Outer Worlds is unveiled.

Earlier today, Obsidian Entertainment sent Game Informer a long, 15-minute gameplay video, and it is quite a doozy.

There also appears to be a Borderlands-esque commentary on consumerism at play here, which plays into The Outer Worlds' choice-based system. Players can decide if their character is afraid of certain enemies, which temporarily decreases the character's stats while fighting them but provides permanent perks as a trade-off.

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