Counter-Strike: Global Offensive goes free to play

Now that it’s free-to-play, CS:GO’s player count is rocketing

Valve makes CS:GO free-to-play with a battle royale mode, and some players aren't happy

Lab Rats gun. There'a also a new Danger Zone case, containing 17 new weapon skins and Horizon Knives as unlockable items. Valve mitigates this somewhat by putting "Prime" players into their own segregated multiplayer hopper, meaning most longtime fans will be unaffected by the free-to-play move, but it's still going to affect the game's community. It's hard to compete with new, free titles with a game that debuted in 2012 and still cost $15. If they queue as a squad of two or three, their match will have up to 18 players. There are also optional mission objectives that rescuing hostages, or blowing up safes that can earn extra cash. By killing enemies or looting, you get cash and can spend it on equipment to be airdropped via drone to your location. In addition, CS:GO has gone free to play. Each match lasts around 10 minutes, and is very quick paced.

Players are also encouraged to use their arsenal wisely.

Players will choose where to drop into Blacksite along with up to 18 players.

Just a day after releasing the new battle royale mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve has dropped an update that solves a few important issues that cropped up with the December 6 update.

Much like Islands of Nyne, Danger Zone's map can only be accessed by a key bind, which, in Counter-Strike's case, is presented on a tablet.

In an effort to woo developers and get more games on its platform, Valve recently announced that it will take a smaller cut of games' revenues after they reach a specific milestone. Valve's seemed a bit besieged the last few months, and even more so after the announcement of the Epic Games Store earlier this week. The cut will fall to 20% after the game hits $50 million in revenue. The projectiles will now explode after an allotted time in the air as intended and previously implemented.

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