Trump to end Nafta before vote to revise pact with Canada, Mexico

Donald Trump says he'll terminate Nafta

Trump says he'll be 'formally terminating NAFTA shortly' in a move that puts pressure on Congress

Nevertheless, Canada isn't assuming ratification will be easy.

Those tariffs began with US action against imported steel and aluminum, using national security as a justification under an obscure USA law from 1962.

"We're not going to celebrate with these tariffs hanging over our heads", MacNaughton said. That letter is already in effect, he said.

The Vice President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute expects the U.S. President to rescind the North American Free Trade Agreement to Pressure Congress into passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

That would trigger a six-month waiting period before the USA could leave the pact - during that time, United States lawmakers would be asked to approve the new deal signed on Friday with America's neighbors. It's widely seen as a pressure tactic to keep legislators from dawdling.

Morneau made the comments at an event co-hosted by Politico and the Canadian consulate in NY.

"The new agreement lifts the risk of serious economic uncertainty that lingers throughout the trade renegotiation process - uncertainty that would have only gotten worse and more damaging had we not reached a new NAFTA", Trudeau said. "While we'll have to watch and ensure we get through this next stage, we have a high level of confidence that's achievable". But, of course, the relationship between Democrats and Donald Trump is pretty frayed and Nancy Pelosi, who is likely to be the next speaker of the House of Representatives may decide to take a page from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's book who, when Barack Obama, was President of the United States, basically refused to pass anything that had Barack Obama's support behind it.

"I think he's trying to light a fire under Congress - that's my guess, my hunch", Kudlow told a conference call with reporters.

'That'll be terminated so Congress will have a choice of the USMCA or pre-NAFTA, which worked very well, ' the Republican president said.

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