The final of the Copa Libertadores will take place outside of Argentina

El presidente de la CONMEBOL anuncia la fecha final de la final de la Libertadores

El presidente de la CONMEBOL anuncia la fecha final de la final de la Libertadores | TNT SPORTS

In a humiliating weekend for South American football, the second leg of the final was postponed twice amid scenes of violence and confusion.

If a Miami-based group has its way, per Sports Illustrated soccer maven Grant Wahl, the second stage of the Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plate won't be played at El Monumental or in Argentina at all.

Boca skipper Pablo Perez and midfielder Gonzalo Lamardo were rushed to the hospital and while Perez had injured his arm and left eye following the attack on the team bus Lamardo also suffered an eye injury and faced breathing problems because of the tear gas used by the police to chase away the fans.

The start of the game was initially delayed by over two hours before it was postponed until Sunday.

Conmebol could instead force the second leg to be played behind closed doors or transfer the match to a neutral stadium. The first leg was drawn 2-2. "CONMEBOL will decide but it's logical that the game is played at River and with fans provided safety is guaranteed".

Paraguay, Brazil and Italy have all offered to hold the match.

The letter also says that while a final decision on the venue had yet to be made, the final would be played on either December 8 or 9.

The Genoa city government confirmed in a statement on Monday that it had written to the clubs offering to host the game. But now instead it will be remembered for the shattered bus windows and bleeding players that killed the game even before it could kick-off.

The CONMEBOL winners play their first match in the tournament on December 18 and could face UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid in the final.

Boca president Daniel Angelici said after the meeting: "We will not accept to play until the tribunal gives its ruling, with arguments, as we believe that Boca is in the right".

The South American federation president Alejandro Dominguez spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon.

He said: "The problem is the Barra Brava - a mafia who have been embedded in football for more than 50 years".

"It would also be a further opportunity to give global visibility in Genoa at this time of difficulty and to renew the profound sense of friendship that historically unites us with those societies".

"Argentina has not been able to deal with violence when it comes to football".

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