Mexico Border Crisis: Migrant Mom From Guatemala Impaled In Front Of Children

A Peaceful Demonstration Turns Ugly at US Border

Subdued migrants at Tijuana border camp consider options

Washington's focus on the Mexican border coincides with televised images of USA border police lobbing tear gas canisters over a border fence in Southern California on Sunday into crowds of asylum seekers, mostly from Central America. Women and children were among those affected by the use of tear gas, migrants said.

"On the other side, unfortunately, I can not agree on the use of force, not even that type of force that is tear gas or rubber bullets", Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said. And here's the bottom line: "Nobody is coming into our country unless they come in legally", Trump asserted.

Trump issued a proclamation November 9 that barred anyone from claiming asylum who entered the country illegally. He has deployed several thousand additional forces on the south western border with Mexico to prevent them from entering the country.

Tension continued Tuesday as residents in the Mexican border city of Tijuana closed down a school next to a sports complex where more than 5,000 Central American migrants have been camped out for two weeks.

As crowds amassed at San Ysidro, around 500 migrants overwhelmed federal and local Mexican police blockades and rushed toward the border, said freelance reporter Alfredo Alvarez, who is in the crowd.

The DHS has separated a total of 507 illegal migrants in 170 fake family units that appeared at the USA border. Trump also said the Mexican government 'wants to see if they can straighten it out'. "The number is larger for border security", he said.

Instead of demanding the border wall be excluded from funding in a budget fight set to take place next month, Schumer told reporters that he's willing to allocate as much as $1.6 billion for the border wall, which would run along the United States' southern border as part of a program to deter illegal immigration. But as the president has repeatedly said, they have to do it the legal way.

Mexico's National Migration Institute reported that 98 migrants were being deported after trying to breach the US border.

That is proving to be harder than many migrants thought.

US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said the administration's concerns about the caravan "were borne out and on fully display" Sunday.

On the US side, border patrol agents arrested 42 people who had illegally crossed the border.

On Sunday, a group of almost 1,000 migrants, dramatically attempted to storm the border fence, near Tijuana, Mexico, following the temporary closure of the Southern California border crossing. The incident has also prompted Mexico's Foreign Ministry to request the USA conduct an "exhaustive investigation" into its use of tear gas as the two countries struggle to reach a mutually agreed-upon solution to the immigration crisis. "Yesterday we observed the increase, an increase of asylum requests", she said.

"We are for strong border security". The majority are men, a total of 3,676, but the group also includes 1,060 women and 1,002 children. They fear the money will disappear next year unless they secure it now. Some said they remained determined to cross, even after the results of Sunday's march to the border.

"I will tell you, politically speaking, that issue is a total victor", the President said, citing recent incidents at the border that he believes have motivated support for more security.

Sotomayor said he hopes migrants who had thought of entering the USA illegally learned from Sunday's events that that won't be possible.

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