Cyber Monday Brings Hope for a Rally in Retail Stocks

Target Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Here Are The Best Cyber Monday Deals On Electronics

Cyber Monday is really more of an extension of Black Friday as opposed to its own event.

Cyber Monday was on track to bring in a record US$7.8 billion in USA online sales, but will also test the limits of retailers' e-commerce operations as millions of shoppers scour for steep discounts on everything from Lego sets to big-screen TVs.

How do you get the most out of your online shopping bonanza? If you need non-electronics stuff, this Target Cyber Monday sale is the realness. Amazon is shipping everything for free, even for non-Prime members. From smart speakers and streaming media devices to E-readers and home security cameras, Amazon's devices offer unprecedented bang for your buck - and that's when they're on sale at full price.

Retailers including and Target Corp are offering deliveries with no minimum order limits and enticing deals - for example, up to 40 percent discount on toys like Lego sets and big screen HD TVs at half price. You can save an additional 5% by using your Target REDcard. Amazon's Cyber Monday deals run until December 2.

Get Kohl's Cash: Kohl's is offering Kohl's Cash on Cyber Monday for the first time ever. Shop any later than that, though, and you may not be able to find what you're looking for. Here are the models that you'll want to consider buying.

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