Climate change could cost United States 'hundreds of billions' a year

Federal climate report warns of more weather 'weirding'

White House Says Dire Climate Report Based on 'Extreme Scenario'

The Trump administration is downplaying the significance of a report issued Friday that included dire predictions about the impact of climate change in the U.S. The White House said the study was largely based on "the most extreme scenario" and doesn't account for new technology and other innovations that could diminish carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.

"Right now, we're at the cleanest we've ever been".

Al Gore has lashed out at the Trump administration accusing the president of seeking to "bury" a government report on climate change by releasing it on Black Friday.

"Unbelievably deadly and tragic wildfires rage in the West, hurricanes batter our coasts - and the Trump administration chooses the Friday after Thanksgiving to try and bury this critical US assessment of the climate crisis", Gore said in a statement that he posted on Twitter Friday.

In October of this year, he accused climate change scientists of having a "political agenda", saying that while he thinks the climate is changing, he does not believe it is manmade.

"All told, the report says, climate change could slash up to a tenth of gross domestic product by 2100, more than double the losses of the Great Recession a decade ago". Trump has repeatedly touted "clean coal" as the backbone of a self-sustainable and reliable U.S. electric grid.

President Trump weighed in on General Motors announcement of layoffs and plant closures and on the recent climate assessment as he was departing for rallies in Mississippi Monday.

The paper claims that the growing use of fossil fuels is posed to negatively affect public health, contaminate water, disrupt infrastructure and erode the existing coastlines. The report often clashes with the president's past statements and tweets on the legitimacy of climate change science, how much of it is caused by humans, how cyclical it is and what's causing increases in recent wildfires. "That is why I have made climate change one of my top priorities for the Committee going in to the next Congress".

The authors of the paper emphasized their belief that ongoing climate change is happening due to human activity, unequivocally suggesting that mankind is gradually destroying the planet.

Trump said he had read "some" of the report and that it was "fine".

The actual cost of global warming was one of its biggest and most worrisome takeaways from the report. That's just weather. But climate is the overall, statistical, long term averages of those properties and changes. On Wednesday amid plunging temperatures on the East Coast, he wondered in a tweet: "Whatever happened to global warming?"

In addition to the planned withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the State Department team in Poland must reckon with its counterparts' disapproval of other decisions by the Trump administration on non-renewable energy production.

"I had breakfast this morning too, and that doesn't mean we alleviated world hunger - and that's what that logic is like". Weather and climate are different things, as most of today's sixth-graders are aware.

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