Moroccan Woman Allegedly Dismembers Boyfriend Before Cooking & Serving Him

The Moroccan woman confessed to butchering her long-term lover, and cooking his body with rice, she said the remaining parts which could not be cooked, she threw to dogs. The woman reportedly confessed to killing the man in a moment of "insanity".

"When the brother confronted the accused that his brother was missing, the woman denied any knowledge of his whereabouts and contended that she threw them out of their shared living quarters after finding out about his wedding plans to another woman", the report added.

A woman killed her lover, chopped his body into little pieces, cooked it with rice, then served it to a group of construction workers.

Reports in Morocco then quoted the brother as saying that police found a human tooth inside the woman's blender.

A court date will be set once police have completed their investigation.

Report also has it the suspect had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for seven years.

Prior to being detained, the woman had told the man's brother that she had simply kicked him out of her home several months before, according to the BBC.

MI resident Kelly Cochran reportedly killed her former lover with the help of her husband.

A woman has been arrested after a human tooth was found inside a food blender, believed to belong to her boyfriend.

Following her arrest, the woman was sent to a hospital for a check up to determine if she's suffering from a mental illness.

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