Chris Watts Sentenced in Murder of Pregnant Wife & Daughters

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Yes, I seen the video tape.

Her husband initially appeared on television pleading for help finding his wife and daughters.

From his doorstep in Frederick that afternoon, the 33-year-old oil field operator told reporters that he had rushed home from work upon hearing that Shanann's friends couldn't find her or reach her. She cooperated with police before his arrest, she told the newspaper.

The illusion held up for a day or so, at least on TV.

"This is a heartless monster", said Frank Rzucek, Shanann's father, sobbing as he stood at a podium just feet away from a seated Watts, who wore an orange prison uniform, his hands cuffed in front of him.

But investigators were immediately suspicious after finding Shanann's wallet and keys still in the house.

"He lied about everything", Kessinger later told the Denver Post.

An attorney for Watts followed Rourke's statement by saying her client is "devastated" and though Watts realizes his words are hollow, he is "sincerely sorry for all of this".

"His motive was simple, your honour", Rourke said. Watts publicly pleaded for his family's safe return but a few days into the investigation he was arrested.

An investigation proved this a lie, too, Rourke said. The medical examiner's report noted Bella struggled before she died.

A friend asked police to check on Shanann Watts on August 13 when she could not reach her and grew concerned that the 34-year-old who was pregnant with a third child missed a doctor's appointment.

Chris Watts claimed he had called and texted his wife about three times that morning with no reply, he told KMGH. He also received a 48-year sentence for unlawful termination of a pregnancy and 12 years each for tampering with a human body. The children's bodies were found in oil tanks on the same property in Weld County.

Prosecutors have said they agreed not to seek the death penalty in exchange for Watts' guilty plea, after seeking approval from Shanann Watts' family. He rarely looked up during the proceeding - not even when his mother turned around to face him and tearfully said, "We have loved you from the beginning and we still love you now". "We are forced to question everything".

'As your mother, Chris, I have always loved you.

Sandra Rzucek, Shanann's mother, said they loved Chris Watts "like a son". "I hope you spend the rest of your life ... being haunted by what you've done".

"Our Shanann loved you with all her heart".

Mrs Watts was strangled, but her lack of significant injuries suggested her death came slowly, he added, as her father Frank Rzucek leaned forward and gasped.

She lost it as she recalled one of Bella's songs: Daddy You're My Hero. "I trusted you to take care of them, not kill them. and you took them out like trash".

'I have heard people say that you aren't a monster.

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