Democrat Porter Up 261 Votes In California-45

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Schrier also says climate change is going to be a focus. And boxes of "uncounted" ballots are being found all over the country.

The leadership election comes as incoming freshmen, fresh off of their election wins last week, are in town for new member orientation.

Two-termer Walters had led on election night and has maintained a lead of 1000-2000 votes as the count continued.

The US probably hasn't had a fair election in many years and this steal sounds the death knell of its democracy, since Trump seems strangely passive and can not or will not interfere.

One of the newly elected representatives, Elaine Luria, a former Navy officer and engineer who operated nuclear reactors, won a Virginia House race where climate change was a key campaign issue.

Democrats now have won five GOP seats in California, and Republicans are being threatened in another race that still is too close to call.

House Democrats will elect their nominee to serve as speaker and other top leadership positions after they officially take the majority later this month, NPR reported.

Walters was also hurt by her support for the Republican tax bill, which altered state and local deductions at a huge cost to California homeowners - particularly in the wealthy enclaves of Orange County. Patty Murray assistant Democratic leader and Michigan Sen.

"Democrats broke through in the states where Trump had broken through in 2016", said Jim Kessler, of the center-left public policy group Third Way. "Doable. Not what you want sometimes, what's doable", said Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby, who will attend the White House meeting along with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senator John Thune, the No 3 Republican. John Cornyn of Texas, the GOP whip, is being forced out by term limits.

Mr Trump alleged that some fraudsters were changing their hats or shirts and coming back to vote a couple of times, although Republican election officials in Florida said that they had seen no evidence of this.

Rick Scott is Florida's Republican governor, not a senator-elect.

"He didn't say, 'I'm going to keep the government open.' We didn't ask him that question", Shelby told reporters after returning from the White House. Part of the drop in female members can be attributed to a string of retirements. Democrats lead in all those races.

With control of the House, the Democrats now have the authority to exercise oversight of President Trump's administration.

The race for minority leader is McCarthy's to lose Wednesday.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is running to take over next year's shrunken caucus in closed-door elections that will set the tone for the new Congress. Jordan is a leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Many Republicans side with Jordan's theory, which is that Republicans, despite a GOP monopoly on power in Washington, lost because they didn't "do what we said" - including delivering Trump's priority to build the border wall with Mexico.

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