Pence says 'empire and aggression' have no place in Indo-Pacific

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Pakistan global source of terror

-North Korean summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is likely after the beginning of the year.

In an apparent concession to North Korea, Trump won't, Pence says, request a list of North Korea's nuclear sites, even though the United States demanded a thorough accounting of their missile development program.

Before departing for the summit of the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN), which focuses on economic and defense issues faced by more than 630 million people across 10 nations, Pence insisted that American commitment to the region "has never been stronger".

The bases could be used to launch short-range as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles said the report, cited by Bloomberg.

"As I depart for Singapore, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Singapore for their able chairmanship of ASEAN this year, and convey my best wishes for all success in hosting ASEAN and related summits", he said.

US officials have said sanctions forced North Korea to the negotiating table and vowed to keep pressure until complete denuclearisation.

But it has warned it could restart its nuclear programme if the U.S. does not drop the sanctions regime. "President Trump continues to be very hopeful that in that next summit, we'll come out with a plan for actually implementing and achieving denuclearization".

"We don't want to repeat the mistakes that prior administrations, frankly in both political parties, have made over the last several decades where promises are made, sanctions are lifted, economic support comes and then promises are broken".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met USA vice-president Mike Pence in Singapore on Wednesday, with Mr Modi saying there was only one source of global terror attacks - Pakistan. -North Korea summit, as Washington maintains the "maximum pressure" campaign by keeping the sanctions against Pyongyang in place.

Pence thanked Moon and said President Trump is grateful for their full partnership.

A US congressional commission said on Wednesday that China appears to have relaxed enforcement of sanctions on North Korea as Pyongyang began to engage with the United States this year.

Trump is expected to speak more about enforcing sanctions when he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Argentina late this month and the unique role that China can play in ensuring the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, Pence said.

North Korea has not tested a nuclear device or ballistic missile since past year, and has said it has closed its main nuclear test site, with plans to dismantle several more facilities.

Giving details of the meeting, foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale told reporters that Mr Modi also hoped the United States would take into account the rich contribution of Indian-Americans in every sphere while deciding on the H-1B visa issue.

But Pyongyang has refused to provide the information and has postponed scheduled meetings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week in New York City. Moon has been keen to agree such a declaration by the year-end, but Washington has linked it to progress on denuclearization.

Singapore is the first leg of a six-day trip that will also take Moon to Papua New Guinea on Saturday and Sunday for this year's summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum involving Pacific Rim nations.

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