Pilots report seeing UFO in sky off Ireland

Pilots report seeing UFO in sky off Ireland

Pilots report seeing UFO in sky off Ireland

Pilots flying over Ireland on Friday reported seeing an unidentified flying object, or possibly objects, spurring an investigation into the UFO (or UFOs) by the Irish Aviation Authority. Authorities in Ireland confirmed they were looking into the situation on November 12, 2018, but offered no additional information. They said, "This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process".

A second air traffic controller asked: "Ok that's copied".

The sighting was recorded over radio traffic between air traffic control in Shannon, Ireland, and multiple pilots. According to the BBC she asked whether the military may have been doing exercises in the area because there was something "moving so fast". There is no indication of concerns about a possible collision. The control tower replied that no maneuvers were taking place.

To the surprise of ATC, a third pilot called in to report the same sighting, adding: "I'm glad it wasn't just me". "They were very bright from where we were", he said to the Irish Times. A Norwegian Air International 737, IBK1768, is at about the same distance but on the left-hand side.

Pilots from three different airlines all radioed Shannon Air Traffic Control in Ireland to report the odd sighting as they flew through the air, according to the paper.

One of the pilots said the speed of the object was "astronomical, it was like Mach 2". Listen to the audio clip above (below the picture) for the exchange, which starts just before the 18 minute mark. He also suggested that the objects spotted in the skies could be meteors or other objects reentering the atmosphere. And they definitely don't climb away after descending.

According to reports in the Irish Examiner the BA flight was travelling over Kerry at the time, while the other two flights were heading eastbound.

"We had some reports of a massive fireball this morning!"

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