Michelle Obama 'stopped even trying to smile' at Donald Trump inauguration

Michelle Obama Says Trump's Bigotry Could Have Caused 'Wingnut' to Shoot Her Family

Michelle Obama says her daughters were conceived via IVF

In its interview with Obama, ABC News further quoted from her book, where the former first lady described her reaction to Trump's defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in stark terms. Despite being the ex-president of the United States of America (USA), the family is still well respected in Washington.

"That's the problem with stereotypes", Obama told them. But Michelle Obama revolutionised the role of the First Lady and, as a result, it's as though feminism has finally been recognised as a part of what the FLOTUS could be. But at the same time, they are expected to effortlessly exhibit the traits of the ideal wife, flawless mother, perfect hostess, flawless advocate and flawless ambassador for our nation's values. We first had to win over black people.

Michelle opened up about admitting to her lust for Barack in her book Becoming. On Monday, Barnes & Noble announced that pre-orders for "Becoming" were the highest for any adult book since Harper Lee's "Go Set a Watchman", which came out in 2015.

Before she accepted -- and this story has been out there for years -- Obama told Jarrett she wanted to think it over and have Jarrett meet her fiance - a man by the name of Barack Obama. The luxury to even be able to decide - when she didn't get to go back to work and start finding herself until after she got us into high school.

But in a small show of defiance, she did refuse to smile.

Speaking about her experience with marriage counselling, Michelle Obama explained that she learned to take control of her own happiness. In the same way, years before first lady Betty Ford shined a light on alcoholism - a disease deeply taboo for a woman, not to mention a first lady, to discuss in public.

Michelle Obama was surrounded by smiling faces - some jubilant, others stiff and forced.

She then spoke about the need for promoting candidates who are committed to treating fellow candidates respectfully.

Ever since Michelle Obama stepped into the spotlight during her husband's 2008 presidential campaign, she's become an inspiration to millions of Americans.

In Michelle Obama, the nation suddenly was faced with this stunning, independent entity - and not everyone was pleased. Fearless enough to face fears and the norm. "I love my husband a lot".

We have a perception that it would be in poor taste for a first lady to speak of personal details like fertility or addiction.

In addition to fertility struggles, the couple also had marital difficulties, even seek counseling at one point.

"I mean, my grandparents, you know, lived through segregation", she continued. At first it felt as if just the white families were leaving, but then that changed, too.

When political figures constrain their authenticity, it propagates an environment where being fake is expected. The difference this time was that she was in the building where she spent four formative years of her life, spending hours each day commuting on a CTA bus from the South Side.

'I would like to indulge the question, but it requires a level of speculation about how people are feeling and thinking that I don't have.

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