Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Lost their Malibu Home in California Wildfires

19 things you can do to help California wildfire victims right now

Firefighter unions level blistering response to Trump tweet about cutting aid for California fires

The celebrity-shared reports of devastation and near-misses come as the death tolls from wildfires in northern and southern California continue to climb.

The wildfires flared in two new locations on Monday morning in southern California, officials said.

"It just hits home that we are still in significant fire weather and the existing fire is not our only concern", said Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen during an 11 a.m. news conference. The fire is now at 20 percent containment.

So far, 29 bodies have been recovered in or near Paradise, a town of about 26,000 that's been all but leveled by the Camp fire. Your mother's somewhere and you don't know where she's at. "She's kind of homebound. I am one of the lucky ones", the singer and actress tweeted. The 1978 Malibu firestorm destroyed hundreds of homes, including Young's.

"It's my community, it's where I grew up". "There was no question about it. It was get my family to safety so I can get in and get back up there and help everybody else".

Many of those allowed to return were left without power or cellphone service, even if their homes were spared by the flames. It remains 25 percent contained.

Lotter said the hilly topography of Paradise combined with failing cell communication made for very tense moments as the fire began to overtake those trying to flee. The majority of those residents are in Los Angeles County, where 170,000 were evacuated.

A number of celebrities also responded to Trump's tweet Saturday.

Luckily for Miley (born Destiny), she still has a $160M fortune to rebuild her dream home, as well as the $5.9M 33-acre, five-bedroom Tennessee farmhouse she bought a year ago.

Firefighters have never seen anything like this in their lives.

Brown said federal and state governments must do more forest management but that climate change is the greater source of the problem.

Gov. Jerry Brown's office said the president's comments were "inane and uniformed".

Both stars took to social media over the weekend to reassure fans they were safe, but neither knew whether their homes were still standing.

Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, told CNN that he thought the tweet from the president were "reckless and insulting" to the firefighters and people being affected by the fires.

But fire officials say fire behavior has changed statewide after years of drought and record summer heat that have left vegetation extremely crisp and dry.

Crews are combing through blackened ruins of homes in the areas scorched by the flames.

The first fire started just after 10 the area of Lynn Road, with the second fire starting about 5 minutes later in the Rocky Peak area just south of Highway 118, Lorenzen said.

"The fire burned so intensely that it burned everything to the ground, and in some cases it melted the metal", Honea said.

The Camp Fire is now being described as the most destructive in California history, with 29 confirmed dead and 228 people missing, according to area officials as of early November 12.

The painstaking process of finding the missing and identifying the dead is challenging, with some of the bodies burned beyond recognition.

"Again, I have the very, very unfortunate and sad duty of reporting to you the number of fatalities that we now have confirmed", Honea said.

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