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Prince Charles and his two sons feature in a triple portrait in a set of Royal Mail stamps to mark his 70th birthday. The three royals were photographed during the July celebrations at Buckingham Palace that marked the RAF's 100th anniversary, and the picture sees them pose together in their military attire.

Five other stamps with images of Charles have been released. One of his stamps featured him hugging his wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

In some of the stamps, Prince Charles is seen smiling at the camera in close up.

Grandpa playing with grandson.

She wore an aqua-coloured gown by one of her favourite designers, Jenny Packham, teamed with diamond chandelier earrings belonging to Queen Elizabeth.

Speaking about the type of grandfather he is, as reported by Express UK, Camilla said: "He will get down on his knees and crawl about with them for hours, you know making amusing noises and laughing and my grandchildren adore him, absolutely adore him". "He reads Harry Potter and he can do all the different voices and I think children really appreciate that".

The image shows proud grandad Prince Charles doting over his youngest grandchild, who's being held in his mum's arms.

His eldest son, Prince William, also praised his father's grandparenting capabilities, although he admitted he would like Charles to "have more time with the children".

"So, having more time with him at home would be lovely, and being able to you know play around, err, with the grandchildren".

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