Top Judiciary Democrat Jerry Nadler Questions Legality Of Matt Whitaker Appointment

In U.S. midterm elections on Tuesday Democrats took control of the House of Representatives while Republicans held the Senate

In U.S. midterm elections on Tuesday Democrats took control of the House of Representatives while Republicans held the Senate

Nothing provokes the anger of the fiery and unconventional president more than special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russian agents during his 2016 election.

"Many experts view Trump's firing yesterday of Attorney Jeff Sessions as a potential obstruction of justice attempt", said organizers of the protest, including Democrats Abroad Vancouver.

"I think this will be a very interim AG", McConnell said.

Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor emeritus and author of "The Case Against Impeaching Trump", said the petition is a bit "hypocritical", because what they really want is for Rosenstein, not Whitaker, to oversee Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe. In an op-ed for CNN, Whitaker argued that the Mueller investigation had gone too far.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was sacked by Donald Trump Wednesday, casting a cloud over the Russian Federation investigation that has dogged the White House, a day after Republicans lost control over the lower house of Congress.

Schumer sent a letter to the Justice Department on Sunday along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats that calls for Lee Lofthus, an assistant attorney general and the department's chief ethics officer, to disclose whether he had advised Whitaker to recuse himself from oversight of the probe. He has also tweeted an ex-prosecutor's opinion piece that described a "Mueller lynch mob", which he said was "worth a read".

The email shows that the criminal investigation involved the FBI's Miami field office. The July 10, 2017, email was from an Federal Bureau of Investigation victims' specialist to someone who the newspaper said was an alleged victim of the company.

Fourth, and most important, Whitaker has to accept the responsibility to defend the Department of Justice and its interests, rather than undermine them.

Democrats have pointed to Mr. Whitaker's past critical comments of the Mueller probe as proof he can't be in a position to impartially oversee it.

Whitaker's appointment "should concern every American - Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative who believes in rule of law and justice", Schumer said.

Legal scholars are debating the constitutionality of his appointment. Because Attorney General Sessions was recused, it's not clear whether Whitaker-Sessions's former chief of staff-has been kept informed about the progress of the investigation. That visit was followed by one by Beck Bennett's Vice President Mike Pence, who was very anxious by Sessions' mentions of gays, even though he said he hated them just like Trump wanted.

President Trump appointed Sessions as Attorney General in 2017.

Rosenstein told reporters Friday that based on his experiences with Whitaker, "I think he's a superb choice for attorney general".

Former attorney general Jeff Sessions, an early supporter of President Trump, was forced out a day after this week's midterm elections.

"Federal investigators previous year looked into whether Matthew G. Whitaker, as an advisory board member of a Miami patent company accused of fraud by customers, played a role in trying to help the company silence critics by threatening legal action". "He's said repeatedly it's going to be allowed to finish".

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