Saudis sent 'clean-up' team to Turkey after Khashoggi killing, official says

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The information was the latest in a series of leaks from Turkish officials apparently aimed at keeping up the pressure on Saudi Arabia and ensuring that the killing is not covered-up.

That allegation was backed up Monday by a senior Turkish official, reports the New York Times, which named the men as Ahmad Abdulaziz al-Jonabi, a chemist, and Khaled Yahya al-Zahrani, a toxicologist.

Saudi Arabia insisted at the UN Monday that its investigation into the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi would be "fair", amid a barrage of criticism from countries over the brutal murder.

Turkey said last week that Khashoggi, a USA -based journalist who had written columns for The Washington Post that were critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was strangled as soon as he entered the consulate, his body dismembered and then destroyed, possibly dissolved in acid.

The cleanup team arrived in Istanbul on Oct 11, nine days after Khashoggi's death, and visited the consulate every day from Oct 12 to Oct 17, according to Sabah.

Saudi Arabia acknowledged last month that Turkish evidence indicates that the Khashoggi's killing at the consulate was premeditated, shifting its explanation in an apparent effort to ease global outrage over the death.

But more than a month after his disappearance, there's still no sign of the journalist's body and no answer to the key question: Who ordered his murder? There are reports of the body being dissolved with acid now. The kingdom's public prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb later said he was killed in a premeditated attack. "All of these need to be looked at".

Trump reportedly refused a March request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a commitment to halting an emerging deal to sell further nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia, telling the prime minister that if the U.S. did not supply the reactors, then the Russians or Chinese would.

Turkey has said that a hit squad sent from Saudi Arabia strangled Khashoggi shortly after he entered the consulate to seek a document he needed for his upcoming marriage to his Turkish fiancee.

Turkish and Saudi officials have carried out joint inspections of the consulate and consul's residence, but Mr. Erdogan says some Saudi officials are still trying to cover up the crime.

Khashoggi's sons voiced worry that the work of their father, a columnist for The Washington Post, was being distorted for political reasons.

Ankara has also demanded Riyadh cooperate in finding Mr Khashoggi's body, with Istanbul's chief prosecutor saying it had been dismembered.

The son, Salah Khashoggi (35), said in an interview with CNN that the Saudi ruler, King Salman, "has stressed that everybody involved will be brought to justice" for the murder.

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