Long Lines Test Voter Patience Across the Nation

Justice Department sending staff to monitor Tarrant County polling sites on Election Day

Election day is tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know on the Mississippi Coast. | The Sun Herald

But in Sacramento County, elections officials say about one-third of registered voters had already returned their ballots by Monday, reported Capitol Public Radio. As of last week, 737,157 absentee ballots were cast - 560,111 by mail and 177,046 in person at designated early voting centers. Please keep in mind that taking extra time to take photos may slow down voting lines. "This milestone is a testament to the hard work of thousands of election officials all across Georgia who are dedicated to secure, accessible, and fair elections for all".

In L.A. County, every sample ballot pamphlet indicates if a polling place is accessible to voters using wheelchairs.

With Johnson's office seeing increased early voting turnout, he said, he's anticipating a similar trend with voter turnout overall.

Or visit Voting Info Project to find your voting location. He says when polls close, police officers will have to physically take the ballot boxes to the local precinct. "Here in the county we're calling for 44 percent voter turnout, which is on target with what the Commonwealth is calling for - a little bit higher, I believe 46 or 47 percent".

When it's unclear whether you should be allowed to vote, you can ask for a provisional ballot.

Campaigning is not allowed and you can not wear or display political materials such as campaign t-shirts, buttons or literature related to specific candidates, official political parties or ballot questions on the ballot that day. You need two forms of ID, including one with a current DeKalb County address. More than 7,100 of those were walk-in votes cast in person. But you won't be able to queue up after 6 p.m. Or ballots must mailed and postmarked by November 6. The Division monitors elections to help determine compliance with these voting rights statutes.

Ten business days before Election Day, we begin processing the VBMs. Unlike the primaries, the general election is open to all registered voters.

Some residents were forced to wait more than two hours to cast their ballots after scanning machines broke down at various poll sites across the city.

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