Pete Davidson discusses Ariana Grande break-up on SNL

Pete and Cazzie

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Ariana Grande's new single "Thank U, Next" arrived by surprise on Saturday night - perfectly timed to the evening's episode of "Saturday Night Live", which featured her ex-fiance Pete Davidson.

Though the show did not dedicate a sketch to the subject, the show hinted at the split during the opening monologue.

Davidson briefly addressed the break-up during a "Weekend Update" routine about the midterms.

At the beginning of the segment, he alluded to the breakup, saying that he only started paying attention to the midterms after moving back in with his mom.

"And the last thing I'll say, I know some of you are curious about the breakup, but the truth is, it's nobody's business", Pete said.

"Now please, go vote on Tuesday", he concluded as he got a little emotional. Grande went on the share that she was influenced by her friend Victoria Monet. However, Grande said her forthcoming album is "no shade.... jus love, gratitude, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness ... and growth".

Minutes before SNL aired, Ariana dropped her new song called "Thank U, Next" where she talked about all her exes including Pete.

At the start of the almost three and half-minute track, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter gets right to it and addresses her relationships with Big Sean, Richard "Ricky" Alvarez, Mac Miller, and her former fiancé Pete Davidson. The couple ended their relationship in mid-October, just days as the series took a two-week break until November. In the commercial for "Saturday Night Live", Davidson jokingly proposed to artist Maggie Roggers.

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