Denmark recalls ambassador to Iran over alleged assassination plot on Danish soil

Iran attempted political assassination in Denmark PET

Denmark recalls ambassador to Iran over foiled attack

The alleged Iranian intelligence plot in Denmark threatens to add to tensions between Iran and Europe at a time the two sides are seeking to save the Iran nuclear deal following the United States exit from the pact earlier this year. More details on Denmark's reaction to the news would come in a 6.30pm press conference, Samuelsen said.

Samuelsen said Iran's ambassador to Denmark, Morteza Moradian, had been summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen and it was made "crystal clear" to him that "the gravity of the matter is hard to describe".

A Norwegian citizen of Iranian background was arrested in Sweden on October 21 in connection with the plot and extradited to neighboring Denmark, Swedish security police said.

"In short, it is a case of an Iranian intelligence company that, in our view, planned an attack in Denmark", he stated.

Tehran's operation in Denmark was "completely unacceptable", Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen wrote on Twitter.

"Further actions against Iran will be discussed in the European Union", he added.

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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi dismissed the claim and said it was in line "with the enemies' plots and conspiracies against the good and ever-growing Iran-Europe relations under present grave and special conditions", according to state-run IRNA news. It has denied involvement in the military parade attack.

A Danish police operation thwarted an Iranian plot to assassinate an opposition leader in the Scandinavian country.

He also said that Denmark was in talks with European partners.

Denmark is recalling its ambassador to Iran and will call for EU-wide sanctions against the country following a suspected attempt by Iranian intelligence services to attack exiled Iranians living in Denmark. Following the deadly assault in Ahvaz, the Iranian regime accused Denmark, the Netherlands and Britain of "hosting several members of the terrorist group".

Another Arab opposition group, the Ahwaz National Resistance, and Islamic State both claimed responsibility for the parade attack, though neither has provided conclusive evidence to back up their claims.

During a televised press conference, Borch Andersen noted that Iran already was suspected of targeting opposition groups overseas. German police also arrested an Iranian diplomat, based in Austria.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen called the planned attack "totally unacceptable" and said British Prime Minister Theresa May had voiced her support for Denmark during a meeting in Olso.

"For almost 40 years, Europe has been the target of #Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks".

Separately, France, Belgium and Germany accuse Iranian intelligence of being being a foiled bomb plot at a June 30 rally in Paris held by an exiled opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK), which Iran considers a terrorist organization.

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