CA chairman confirms Warner, Smith and Bancroft’s ban stands

Waugh called Australia's attempts to tamper with the ball using sandpaper as stupid

Waugh called Australia's attempts to tamper with the ball using sandpaper as stupid

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the association also was concerned about why Smith and Bancroft "were allowed to front a press conference on the day the ball-tampering scandal exploded". Peever and the new chief executive, Kevin Roberts, were also firm on CA's stance not to consider reducing the trio's lengthy bans.

The review, which was released on Monday by Simon Longstaff of The Ethics Center, said administrators should bear as much blame as captain Steve Smith, vice-captain David Warner and batsman Cameron Bancroft, who were suspended for their roles in the incident at Cape Town in March.

After more than a year of bitter feuding, CA and the ACA have been encouraged to have a "constructive working relationship", and told to begin this process within 30 days. We want to make all Australians proud.

Another major finding which the report suggested was that there were players who were dissatisfied with Cricket Australia's decision making and style. Women's cricket remains unaffected.

Among the recommendations was an anti-harassment code to stop sledging, and training to improve team leaders' "moral courage".

'While good intentions might reduce culpability - they do not lessen responsibility ... especially not for those who voluntarily take on the mantle of leadership'.

The review made 42 recommendations to change CA's culture, most of which the organisation said they would either look to implement or already had in place.

"I'd like to see Mark Taylor stand up as chairman of Cricket Australia", he said.

"With the exception of CA's own Board and its senior executives, the broad consensus among stakeholders is that CA does not consistently "live" its values and principles", the review states.

"The most common description of CA is as "arrogant" and "controlling".

One part of the report which documents contributing factors and early warning signs points to the "win-at-all-costs" mentality resulting in players and support staff to "redefine" certain forms of cheating as just "playing hard to win". "There is a feeling among some state and territory associations that they are patronised while sponsors believe their value is defined exclusively in transactional terms".

He said: "At Cricket Australia our objective is to unite and inspire communities through cricket. The ACA's negative assessment of CA is extreme, matched only by the positive assessment offered by the CA Board". "We know what Australian cricket expects of us, and we'll be holding each other accountable". #CricketAustralia, under David Peever, has overseen the destruction of the intn'l image of our national game. It implicates that this is what lead the players to use unfair means in order to win the game.

Dyer stopped short of calling for Peever to resign in light of damning review findings about CA culture, noting it was a question for state associations, but highlighted the fact he had "some concerns about some of the rhetoric that was used throughout the course of yesterday".

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