Megyn Kelly representatives, NBC executives discussing her leave from the network

Charlize Theron Bears Striking Resemblance to Megyn Kelly on Set of Roger Ailes Movie

NBC News releases Megyn Kelly from show

ET caught up with the Editor at Large of O, The Oprah Magazine at the publication's office in NY, on Friday, where she shared her thoughts on Megyn Kelly's recent controversial blackface comments that ultimately led to the cancelation of her show, Megyn Kelly Today.

While at Fox, Kelly cultivated a reputation for toughness and a willingness to challenge conservative orthodoxy.

"I'm going to go as "F" and he's going to go as 'U, ' she said". Her book title suggested she wanted to "settle for more".

This morning, NBC News host Megyn Kelly is in talks with the network about her imminent departure, according to a source familiar with the situation. It would be different if she had come to terms with her own racial animus and worked to overcome it and make amends with the communities she had harmed.

NBC News chairman Andy Lack denounced her comments. Sources earlier in the week said that Kelly was likely to leave the company.

In some corners, Fox News insiders were enjoying a certain schadenfreude in Kelly's NBC failure. "But NBC hired an unrepentant Kelly, who spoke with pride of all her work at Fox News". "Only the truth will set you free!" "She has to take some responsibility in it".

Bryan Freedman, an attorney for Kelly, said in a statement that she "remains an employee of NBC News and discussions about next steps are continuing".

Kelly's transition from Fox News to her own 9 a.m. hour as part of the "Today" show has been anything but smooth, and Tuesday's incident doesn't help.

The ratings weren't great, either: Megyn Kelly Today was regularly topped by rival Live! "Back when I was a kid, that was okay as long as you were dressing up as a character". "But you know, I feel now everybody is sort of piling on Megyn Kelly all at one time and I always think that's a very hard position to be in". It was just the beginning of what's since become a slew of controversies dogging Kelly since she joined the network. "She is not ever coming back".

Lemon said: "She made some mistakes, and now she's suffering the consequences of those mistakes. That's what I want to do", she said. The episode with Trump accusers had more than 2.9 million viewers, one of her biggest audiences. She also gave a platform to allegations against NBC News's Tom Brokaw, both of which stirred resentment among her NBC colleagues. Even her hotly contested interview with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones premiered to a relatively measly 3.5 million viewers, losing out to a rerun of "America's Funniest Home Videos" in the same time slot.

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