Factory observes Breast Cancer Awareness

A shopper who collapsed in Home Bargains being helped into A&E at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Ambulance service gets £6.6m for new vehicles ahead of busy winter period

The initiative comes as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide campaign observed annually in October involving thousands of organisations, seeking to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

Not long after that, Thompson had her sister shave her head.

The standard operation for inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC, is a modified radical mastectomy, where the entire breast and the lymph nodes under the arm are removed, the American Cancer Society says.

The team which developed the guidelines specifically investigated metaplastic breast carcinomas (MBC), a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer, said the university's Amy McCart Reed.

Zimbabwe as well has maintained this tradition, all for a good cause, but beyond the October month, all the hive of activities seem to slow down and by Christmas, many would have moved on to other "important issues", relegating the fight against cancer to the dustbin, so to speak. The mother of four had a clean mammogram only a few weeks earlier and no history of breast cancer in her family, so she wasn't anxious. When chemotherapy made Elaine's hair fall out, she celebrated the change in pictures that she now shares in hopes that other women will learn their risk of breast cancer.

"We hope that our contribution to the campaign can help make the day even bigger and better than past year and raise money to help us get closer to beating breast cancer altogether".

"I said 'done.' I don't need a second opinion". "I just feel so honored that he would even think of me, even though I'm his neighbor, to do a tribute vehicle to what I've gone through".

"I didn't think younger women got breast cancer", she said.

Minority women face significant disparities in breast cancer screening and outcomes.

"People are already asking what I'm planning next", she said.

If not, no worries, now that you know do book an appointment with the doctors ASAP.

Nathanson points out that Ashkenazi Jewish women (of Central and Eastern European descent) have a higher risk of breast cancer just because they're Jewish.

From now through November, 50 cents from every taxi fare will be donated to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition.

The critical task, she says, is determining "exactly what we can target to get a response".

The Breast Cancer Awareness movement needs to have more representation for those dealing with metastatic breast cancer, to show that even though there is no way to completely empathize in this situation, the community still cares and the women dealing with this disease deserve to be seen. According MET UP, an advocacy organization, only 7% of all breast cancer research dollars goes towards researching metastatic disease.

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