Pence Says U.S. Aims To Create New Space Force By 2020

National Space Council meeting

Pence Details Plan for Development of Space Force

In creating the Space Force that President Donald Trump wants, one of the first steps should be to make an agency that buys cutting-edge space technology for all branches of the USA military, the National Space Council said Tuesday.

"I think we have a good chance next year of officially doing our Space Force", Trump told reporters in a brief interaction during a meeting with military officials on Tuesday.

Pence said the 1967 treaty "does ban weapons of mass destruction in space, but it doesn't ban military activity".

An American "Space Force" proposed by President Trump will take shape within two years and bring military forces and civilian space security authorities under one roof, the White House has said.

He named USA adversaries as Russian Federation and China, and said potential space threats include anti-satellite weapons, airborne lasers, 'highly threatening on-orbit activities and evasive hypersonic missiles'.

Pence said the administration would work with Congress, starting next year, on drafting a law creating an independent space force by 2020.

"This is what our competitors are already doing", Pence said.

"In the first phase (space forces) will not look like other, already existing types of Armed Forces".

Secondly, the secretary of defense will create a new joint organisation, the Space Development Agency, that will break free from ineffective bureaucratic structures and provide the men and women of the space force, the cutting-edge warfighting capabilities that they need, faster and more effectively, he said.

Congress must approve the proposed plans, which would also create the Bureau of Space Commerce under the U.S. Department of Commerce to liaise with industry representatives and organizations. And while the last administration too often failed to meet the growing security threats in space, President Trump has stated forcefully a truth that the leaders of the National Defence University have long understood, that space is a war-fighting domain just like the land, air, and sea, and America will be as dominant there as we are here on Earth. The US President promised to return the United States to the moon and to reach Mars.

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