China suggests Trump 'can use Huawei' after iPhone tapping report

The Chinese have pieced together a list of people whom Trump regularly speaks to in hopes of using them to influence the president, according to the report.

The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the Times report.

That aside, reports have been circulating, since Trump got into office, that he's reluctant to give up his own phone, with Twitter platform tags like this to back it all up, not to mention that if The New York Times' story even were false, it would be because members of Trump's own administration lied about it, not because the Times is lying. The President also has an iPhone that can make private calls, despite U.S. spies urging him to stop using it.

The US President has reportedly been warned that his three personal iPhones are not secure, though he continues to use them to take calls with friends and confidants, reports the Times.

The Times sourced their report to "several current and former officials" who criticized Trump's phone habits, in particular, the use of a personal cell phone.

Chinese officials rely on Chinese businessmen and others with ties to Beijing to feed arguments and viewpoints to Trump's friends in an effort to influence him, the Times reported, citing the United States officials.

"I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone", he wrote.

A New York Times report concluded that Chinese and Russians are listening in, based on complaints from current and former US intelligence officials who say the president has been repeatedly warned about his digital security but refuses to give up his old iPhones.

The Times' report on Wednesday provided few details on how China and Russian Federation were monitoring Trump's communications aside from noting the calls were intercepted as they travel through the U.S. cellphone network. Both Wynn, the former Las Vegas casino magnate, and Schwarzman, the Blackstone Group CEO, have ties to China.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes mockingly suggested Trump should "just make every single call on speakerphone on live TV".

Russian Federation is not believed to be running as sophisticated an effort to influence the president as China is, according to the Times.

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