No victor in Saturday's Powerball drawing; jackpot now worth $620 million

No victor in Saturday's Powerball drawing; jackpot now worth $620 million

No victor in Saturday's Powerball drawing; jackpot now worth $620 million

"It's never been this high and it's incredible how many tickets we're selling now", said Michael Kennedy. "We're doing a lot of explaining".

Dan Wolff, the shift manager of Cash Wise Foods, said he waited in line behind four people to buy his lottery tickets on Friday.

Karen Kinzler, customer service manager at Hugo's Family Marketplace in Jamestown, said the ticket sales started growing on Tuesday, Oct. 16, with more than $900 in tickets sold.

"Oh yes, one ticket", said Kennedy.

In case you are betting with friends, make sure to have something in writing, where everyone agrees to the terms of what's going to happen. If no one wins tonight, the jackpot could roll over to a mind-boggling $2 billion. Some big states, including California, don't withhold taxes from lottery winnings, and some like Texas don't have individual income taxes at all.

"I would want to set myself up, but still be working so I don't erode into nothingness", Baron said. "I'd probably fall over dead".

While there are plenty of North Dakotans buying tickets and dreaming of what they'd do with $1.6 billion, the odds are slim. "I'll give him a million". For himself, he would buy a house in the San Diego area and replace his old pickup with a new one in his preferred color, red.

Putting things in writing isn't fun, but it's the safer bet.

Financial advice sites like CNBC have started to produce guides for a potential victor, on how to protect yourself from all your greedy family members should you become richer than it's possible for any normal person to be. When so many people rush to play as a jackpot soars, the chances increase that two or three tickets - of the millions of tickets sold - will match.

That puts the jackpots for the nation's two largest lotteries at more than $2.2 billion.

"Maybe the Sunshine Bridge, maybe we can get that done", Joe Taylor said.

Lottery players will also have another shot at massive jackpot on Wednesday night, when the next Powerball drawing is held.

Based on the projected payout schedule for tomorrow's prize, that interest rate now sits around 3.45 percent, up from 2.84 percent when I examined the big Powerball prize for the New York Times almost three years ago.

The Powerball jackpot also has climbed.

Mega Millions is available in 44 states, Washington D.C., and the Virgin Islands.

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