Halloween slays at box office, and Jamie Lee Curtis tweet goes viral

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New 'Halloween' Has A Record Breaking Opening Weekend

Because some of the Halloween movies attempt a very solid throughline of continuity, there are little winks and nods to things that happened previously which very almost go by unnoticed, but still manage to connect things. Over the weekend the film opened to a massive $75M haul making it the biggest opening for any Halloween film ever.

A string of inferior sequels and reboots followed Carpenter's low-budget hit, from Rick Rosenthal's 1981 Halloween II (written by original screenwriters Carpenter and Debra Hill) to Rob Zombie's dreary 2007 "reimagining" and its dispiriting follow-up.

Even with a strong female lead, Blumhouse faced a backlash to comments of founder Jason Blum, who in an interview cited a lack of female directors to explain why none of his films were directed by women.

In high spirits after Halloween's box office success - the $US10 million ($14.1 million) film took a better-than-expected $US77.5 million before its Australian opening on Thursday - Curtis noted that it had the best opening weekend for a horror movie with a female star. That means director David Gordon Green's sequel/reboot is not just the highest-grossing film in the decades-spanning Halloween franchise, but the biggest opening for a slasher movie ever, adjusted for inflation.

"You take the nostalgia for 'Halloween, ' especially with the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, and you combine that with the Blumhouse brand and its contemporary currency in the genre and it just made for a ridiculously potent combination at the box office this weekend", Jim Orr, Universal's president of domestic distribution, told The Associated Press. Carpenter served as an executive producer and composed the score with his son, Cody Carpenter, and godson, Daniel Davies. It picked up a solid $7.5 million, taking its total earnings to $10.5 million. That said, Halloween did deliver the largest October opening day of all-time, topping Venom's $32.5 million. Meanwhile "A Star Is Born" held on to the second place spot for its third weekend with $19.3 million. That brings its North American tally to $28 million. Films such as "Get Out", "A Quiet Place" and "It" have all surprised Hollywood in recent years with big box office totals. The 2018 box office remains up 10.6 percent compared to the previous year.

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