Google Play Announces Free 4K Upgrades for Previous Digital Movie Purchases

Google Play Movies Hands Out Free 4K Upgrades, Drops 4K Pricing Too

Google Play Movies is upgrading select SD and HD movies to 4K for free, reducing prices

You can check out Google's top 4K titles here. Still, it may be a nice surprise when you next open the Play Movies & TV app and get a notification that something in your catalog has been upgraded.

In addition, 4K versions of movies on Google Play now cost less than before.

Serridge shares the following new 4K improvements for the service.

Google is giving Google Play movie buyers a 4K upgrade, delivering better quality even if you bought a cheaper, lower-resolution version in the first place.

Eligible users with movies in their Google Play Movies library will automatically have their content upgraded for movies from participating studios, which includes Fox, Lionsgate, NBC Universal, Sony, and Warner Bros.

That said, if you live in one of those two countries, and Google can find an equivalent match, the higher-resolution file will be all yours to stream to your heart's content. According to the blog post "most 4K movies on Google Play will cost you less".

Those who have purchased movies through Google Play Movies & TV can expect a 4K upgrade for free.

The Google Play Movies and TV app on 4K Samsung Smart TVs will now also stream 4K content. You will have the opportunity to click through and see a full list of the upgrades as well. You will get access to the 4K versions of movies you already own for free, without needing to pay the extra charge you'd otherwise have to. An update should soon be rolling out to Samsung, LG, and Vizio TVs that introduces a more modern design and improved experience. Google is also working on support for LG Smart TVs, Serridge says.

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