Here's What You Need to Understand About Pocahontas Warren's DNA Results

Trump Renews ‘Pocahontas’ Attack While Drawing Fire Over SaudisMore

Trump Renews ‘Pocahontas’ Attack While Drawing Fire Over SaudisMore

But "i$3 f O.C. Sarah Smith were fully Native American, that would make Warren up to 1/32nd native".

The six-page genetic data report, which was released on Sunday, is dated October 10.

Warren released the DNA test widely Monday - suggesting as much as 1/64 of her DNA was from a Native American population - along with a folksy campaign video that retold a vague family story about a Native American on her mother's side.

Native Americans also have objected to Trump's "Pocahontas" nickname for Warren. For one thing, what makes someone a Native American?

The "creepy" tweet was just one of more than two dozen tweets on Warren's campaign account Monday, covering Trump and getting behind Democrats running in the November 6 elections.

That's not good enough for some critics, most prominently Trump, who in utilizing his remarkable talent for turning schoolyard slurs into political ammo against his rivals dubbed Warren "Pocahontas", after the Native American woman in colonial Virginia whose memory deserves better treatment than this.

But Warren's results do not align with the ancestry she has touted. There could be one individual in the sixth generation - around the mid-1800s, which is similar to Warren family lore - or possibly a dozen or more ancestors back to the 10th generation, which would be about 250 years ago. "It's their right as a matter of sovereignty, and they exercise that in the ways they choose to exercise it". I say that with respect, but you would.

"I'm going to take a DNA test", he told "Fox and Friends" Tuesday. But it you don't mind I'll continue, do you mind?'

Hoskin said none of this helps the Cherokee Nation.

Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat who has been behaving like someone who is seriously considering a presidential run, surprised the political world on Monday by releasing DNA test results to back up her long-held claim of Native American ancestry.

Warren promptly tweeted her charity of choice: The National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.

He also said the Cherokee Nation has "denied her" claim as well, saying "even they don't want her". It risked aggravating Native American sensibilities and while failing to convince Trump.

This is viewer supported news. "Now we know there's no real conclusive proof that she has Native American identity", Diehl said. If they weren't then claiming her Native American lineage seems to be an attempt to claim herself as "other" in order to appear relatable to minorities or even worse to take advantage of any benefits. The goal was to free up more "excess" land for white settlers expanding westward and to accelerate the Indians' assimilation into American society.

"I found this to be pretty embarrassing for her", said co-host Abby Huntsman. She is more impactful and useful if she acknowledges the privilege that comes from being White and advocates to dismantle the systems that sustain the oppression of some over others. "This was just another part of it".

Taking such tests, larding counter-claims with weapons of putative fact, simply plays into the pantomime of provocation and mockery that Trumpland inspires; you dignify such shows of provocation further by conceding to your opponent that he might have had something to go on in the first place, the absurd or irrelevant rendered plausible.

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