Unvaccinated Florida Child First to Die in This Year's Flu Season

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Pediatricians suggest getting flu shot by Halloween

However, rates of vaccinations are going down, and US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says the dip was partly to blame for the record-high death toll from flu past year - 80,000 people.

The child, who died sometime between September 30 and October 6, tested positive for influenza B. He or she did not have any "known underlying medical conditions", the department said, adding the child's death marks the first flu-associated pediatric death of the 2018-19 season.

The Florida health department also identified two outbreaks of flu or a flu-like virus in Hillsborough County, which both spread to schools.

Children, especially those who are under the age of 5 or those with a chronic health problem, have a higher risk of developing serious flu-related complications, according to the CDC.

Influenza vaccination has been shown to reduce a child's likelihood of dying from influenza by up to 60 percent.

Last year's flu season was the worst since records began in the 1970s, killing 80,000 Americans.

Last season, 336 people in IN died from flu complications. You can not get the flu from the flu vaccine.

The vaccine protects against four strains of the influenza virus, including H1N1 and H3N2. It is unknown whether the woman had underlying health conditions or whether she'd received a flu shot. And she adds that now is the right time to get the shot before the season starts to ramp up. And don't forget to make a doctor's appointment for your children ASAP.

But Narula said that this first death of the child in Florida is the "wake-up call" that parents need to hear. One was an unspecific strain and the other was strep throat.

Indeed, if the vaccine doesn't prevent you from contracting the flu, it can still protect against the illness' severity.

Starting October 15, all Albertans older than six months were able to receive the flu vaccine free of charge through Alberta Health Services (AHS) locations and qualifying pharmacists and physician offices.

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