Family rescued thanks to 'HELP' written in logs after Hurricane Michael

This satellite image taken on Friday shows part of Mexico Beach after the storm swept through

This satellite image taken on Friday shows part of Mexico Beach after the storm swept through

Maybe she was rescued and is lying in a hospital bed somewhere.

"Apparently they had to cut through a lot of downed trees to get there", Gee told ABC. Gee's grandmother, who is in her 80s, had evacuated before the storm. "Before I made it to the house, I already had tears in my eyes for the community", Lackey said.

Mexico Beach police chief Anthony Kelly said, "When you come here and see the devastation, it's hard, it's emotionally hard".

At least 19 deaths in four states have been blamed on Michael which made landfall on Wednesday as one of the most powerful storms on record to hit the continental United States.

Boats are seen among the rubble along the canals October 12, 2018, in Mexico Beach, Fla., two days after a Category 4 Hurricane Michael devastated the small coastal town just outside Panama City, Fla.

He observed many damaged homes, including one that was missing its roof, leaving the inside exposed.

Meanwhile, search and rescue teams have crawled and walked through thousands of buildings and ruins for days in places like Mexico Beach, which was virtually wiped out when the storm roared ashore last week.

Trump says "the job they've done is Florida has been incredible". "Then we get on scene and find their family members and they have no food, no water, no power".

There was just one confirmed death so far in Mexico Beach, the town of about 1,000 people that was almost wiped off the map in a direct hit from the hurricane and its 155mph winds.

In Mexico Beach, which took a direct hit, the number of people missing dropped to three on Tuesday, said Rex Putnal, a city councillor. Rather than privilege window views, an expected feature of a vacation home, the number of window openings was limited and the roof overhang was minimized, thus reducing the risk of winds lifting the entire roof off. Lackey told CNN that other features that he and his uncle had originally wanted, like a balcony, were also discouraged by their engineer.

As the chopper crossed from the beachside into Panama City proper, Holton noted the damage was more severe on the city side.

Matthew Marchetti, co-founder of Houston-based CrowdSource Rescue, which had hundreds of volunteers on the ground, said he expects the death toll to rise as phone service is restored and roads are cleared. State and local officials were to brief the president at the base.

"This is everything we own right here", he said, standing over a heap of clothes, books, furniture and other belongings.

Melissa and Rodney Reinhardt spent days wondering whether Rodney's 79-year-old father survived the storm at his home in the devastated Port St. Joe area.

"Before the storm hit we announced and implemented credits for our customers", AT&T also said. "It's scary. Seeing the pictures on the news makes it even scarier".

Pai said he's joining Florida Gov. Rick Scott in asking that carriers not only waive bills for customers in affected areas this month, but also "allow them to change carriers without penalty".

Rick Scott is seeking to keep insurance property rates steady in the wake of the damages caused by Hurricane Michael.

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