'It's just snobbery': Latham slams controversy surrounding Opera House light show

The Chaser project new ad onto Opera House as Jones apologises for Louise Herron interview

The Chaser Projected Alan Jones Phone Number Onto Sydney Opera House

More than a thousand protesters armed with smartphones and torches gathered at the Opera House on Tuesday night in response to the government's decision to project the barrier draw for The Everest onto the icon's shells.

The forecourt and surrounding areas of the Opera House were packed with onlookers and people looking to make a stand against the use of the building to promote race colours, barrier draw numbers and The Everest Trophy for the lucrative event.

The draw for the race, being held at Royal Randwick this Saturday, was held in confidence by Racing NSW stewards and kept under wraps until the results were revealed as part of the light show.

"To avoid any perceived integrity risk, Racing NSW has determined that all betting on the 2018 The TAB Everest be suspended commencing at 12pm today (9 October 2018), until the final barriers have been publicly displayed this evening".

Protesters have shone torch beams on the Sydney Opera House sails to try and obscure projections of The Everest horse race.

A video was taken of the draw by Racing NSW stewards for audit purposes on Tuesday morning.

The government's decision came after a top radio "shock jock", Alan Jones, urged the Opera House's boss to resign or be sacked for objecting to the promotion.

Mr Quint said the legal exemptions allowing projection onto the sails made clear that they must be "non-commercial occasions of brief duration".

'This is one of the biggest events of the year why not put it on the biggest billboard Sydney has, ' he said.

On his Sky News program, shortly after the sails were illuminated, Alan Jones labelled the light-based protest as "childish stuff" from a "latte-sipping mob".

"Call Alan" onto the Opera House for all to see. I think because they'd assume all of the rough and tough people go to the horse racing.

Enter The Chaser, who in the early hours of Tuesday morning drove down to Sydney Harbour and projected Jones' phone number along with the words "Advertise Here".

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