Blue Origin plans second facility near Kennedy Space Center

NASA to participate in first Israeli moon mission - Xinhua |

NASA, Israel Space Agency ink deal for moon-bound mission

A key part of the design is that the spacecraft is reusable. In its initial configuration, the module could accommodate four crew members and carry 900 kilos of cargo on the surface of the Moon for up to two weeks before returning to Gateway, without refueling on the lunar surface.

Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos' space venture, Blue Origin, has signed a letter of intent to cooperate with Germany's OHB Group and MT Aerospace on a future mission to the moon that'll use Blue Origin's Blue Moon lunar lander.

The Deep Space Gateway is a collaboration between the U.S. and Russian Federation to create a lunar space station that will act as a "gateway to deep space".

Deep space travel, such as a journey to Mars, can significantly damage the gastrointestinal (GI) tissue of astronauts, and raise the risk of stomach and colon tumours, according to scientists including one of Indian origin.

The New Glenn and Blue Origin's lunar lander, Blue Moon, will transport the winning entries to the lunar surface as soon as 2024.

Last December, Donald Trump signed off on a space policy directive that calls for NASA, along with its private partners, to send astronauts to the Moon and, "eventually", Mars.

According to a NASA statement, "the agreement exemplifies the innovative approach that NASA and its global partners are taking to team up with commercial partners to advance important science and exploration objectives on and around the Moon".

The NASA-led program will see the two space agencies build a lunar satellite much like the International Space Station (ISS) that can home astronauts and will orbit the moon. According to a lunar mineralogical map released by NASA past year, water is present nearly everywhere on the moon's surface, albeit in minute amounts.

Lockheed Martin's recently announced lander will be the transport vehicle that will ferry astronauts between Gateway and the lunar surface. First of all, Gateway needs to be deployed, and for this happen NASA needs to launch the Space Launch System (SLS), the most powerful rocket humans have ever built.

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