Fan Bingbing: Top Chinese actress fined for tax evasion

Fan Bingbing: Chinese movie star ordered to pay back millions over tax evasion

Fan Bingbing: missing Chinese actor hit with $129m tax bill

China's missing superstar actress Fan Bingbing has been fined hundreds of millions of yuan for tax evasion, Xinhua reports.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, China's official state news outlet Xinhua issued a report suggesting that Fan may be facing a $70 million bill for back taxes and fines stemming from an alleged tax evasion scandal in China.

In that case, authorities said, Fan signed an actual contract for 20 million yuan, almost $3 million, but declared only 10 million yuan in the contract submitted to tax authorities. There is an amnesty for those who pay up by 31 December; those to fail to meet the deadline could face criminal charges.

The Jiangsu provincial tax bureau delivered its judgments to Fan on Sunday, Xinhua said.

"I sincerely apologize to everyone", she said in a statement she reportedly posted to an official social media account.

The announcement did not disclose any details about Fan's whereabouts but did reveal that her agent was being held by officers for allegedly obstructing the investigation.

"Without the favorable polices of the Communist Party and state, without the love of the people, there would have been no Fan Bingbing", she added.

On Wednesday, the actress broke her silence and responded to reports claiming she had been fined almost $130 million for tax evasion.

"I am unworthy of the trust of the society and let down the fans who love me", she wrote in her first update of her microblog since June 2.

On Wednesday news arrived that Fan had been in secret detention for two weeks under "residential surveillance" at a "holiday resort" in Jiangsu, according to South China Morning Post.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing broke her silence after disappearing for three months after being accused of tax evasion. She also has a role in the upcoming Bruce Willis-Adrien Brody feature Air Strike.

"As a public figure, I should have abided by laws and regulations", she wrote, "and been a role model in the industry and society".

She said she accepted the punishment meted out by the authorities and will pay the fine.

There was no immediate comment from Fan or a representative for the actor.

Since then, the government has been mum about the actress, who is known to American audiences for her roles the X-Men franchise and other films and has been a regular on global red carpets. In September, Beijing Normal University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences gave 100 television and film personalities "social responsibility rankings". "The bigger the brand, the more likely you are to attract scrutiny".

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