Police reportedly questioned Kavanaugh after bar fight in 1985

Liz Swisher a former Yale classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh alleges he lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Brett Kavanaugh's classmate Lynne Brookes says he lied

One of those is a police report obtained Monday by The New York Times about a 1985 bar fight in CT following a UB40 concert, when Kavanaugh, then a junior at Yale, threw a beer at a man he thought was the band's then-lead singer, Ali Campbell.

Mr. Kavanaugh was not arrested, but the police report stated that a 21-year-old man accused Mr. Kavanaugh of throwing ice on him "for some unknown reason". For his part, speaking to the officers, Mr. Kavanaugh did not want "to say if he threw the ice or not", the police report said.

Cozzolino reportedly sustained minor injuries from the event (including a bloody ear) and no charges were filed.

The report is the latest indication that Kavanaugh drank to excess in his youth and, apparently, became belligerent. The designation signifies anyone who was interviewed by police who may have witnessed the incident or anyone who had been spoken to about the incident, according to Dave Hartman, a spokesman for the New Haven Police Department. Cozzolino declined to give a comment to The New York Times regarding the report, and has not released any statement on the matter.

The White House had questioned the Times' motivation in writing the story because one of its authors, Emily Bazelon, criticized Kavanaugh in July after he was nominated to the court by President Donald Trump.

"I will say it again, we drank in college", he said.

"Brett and I did not socialize beyond the first few days of freshman year. Not one time", Dudley said. It is hardly the most damning revelation, though it is relevant to Kavanaugh's truthfulness, given that he denied before the Senate ever having gotten aggressive while drinking. Kavanaugh has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Campbell said Monday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had not reached out to his department regarding the 1985 report, nor has it reached out before that in any previous backgrounding effort for Kavanaugh.

"It's the type of incident that happens pretty much daily", he said.

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